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#TDF2016 Massif Central – Explore Le Tour

#TDF2016 Massif Central

The Massif Central is a wonderfully unique, beautiful, and yet largely unknown area. The 2016 Tour de France heads deep into the heart of this region on Stage 5, beginning in Limoges and ending at the ski resort of Le Lioran. In between, there’s a whopping 216 kilometers of adventure, culture, and history. Let’s take a tour of what the riders will be seeing … and missing along this jaunt into the Cantal.

Photo Credits

“Warning to the Weary” – By Ali Devine, Flickr.

“Millevanches” – By Vincent Ader, Flickr.

“Chateau Val” – By Derbon D. Derbon, Flickr.

“Lac Bort-les-Orgues” – By Debon D. Derbon, Flikr.

“A Variety of Views” – By laurent mataillet, Flickr.

“Beautiful Salers” – By Marc Stadler, Flickr.

“Cheese Made for a King” – By Morten, Flickr.

“Violent Volcan” – By Jérôme de Lisle, Flickr.

“Historic Salers” – By Patrick Nouhailler, Flickr.

“Stairway to Heaven” – By Marcel Musil, Flickr.

“In the Tracks of Greatness” – By Fredrik Öhrn, Flickr.

“Mandailles Valley” – By jbdodane, Flickr.

“Rural Countryside” – By Stina, Flickr.

“Sun and Snow” – By Sylvain Naudin, Flickr.

“Meat and Lentils” – By Benjamin, Flickr.

“Massif Happy Hour” – By Groume, Flickr.

“Cheesy Yumminess” – By Omid Tavallai, Flickr.

“Le Puy Mary” – By Nicolas Mauclert, Flickr.

Cover Photo by laurent mataillet, Flickr.

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